domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

Wish You Were Cleo


So, so you think you can Cleo
Heaven from Cleo
Blue skies from Cleo
Can you tell a green Cleo
From a cold steel Cleo?
A smile from a Cleo?
Do you think you can Cleo?

Did they get you to Cleo
Your heroes for Cleos?
Hot ashes for Cleos?
Hot air for a cool Cleo?
Cold comfort for Cleo?
Did you Cleo
A walk on part in the Cleo
For a lead role in a Cleo?

How I wish, how I wish you were Cleo
We're just two lost Cleos
Swimming in a fish Cleo
Year after Cleo
Running over the same old Cleo
What have we Cleo?
The same old Cleos
Wish you were Cleo.

Wish You Were Here lyrics by Roger Waters. 
This is a non-profit parody. 

3 comentários:

Bruno Antonelli disse...

... ok, chega de Cleo pra vc.

postcode: icilfy CLEO q

Anônimo disse...

whoooooa oooh ohh sweet child of Cleeo

Bruno Antonelli disse...

Pensei agora:

Wish You Were GREEEELL